What Size Hurley?

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What Size Hurley?

So what size hurley for me or my child?

A question that we get asked a lot by parents when buying a hurley is what size hurley should I choose. The following image by the Camogie Association will certainly help.

A few things to remember:

  • Get your child to stand relaxed with their hand by their sides
  • The distance from the ground to their wrists is the correct hurley size
  • The child should be able to hold the hurley at the top and the hurley should be just touching the ground
  • Always go too small rather than too big, if a child is between sizes you should go for the smaller size

Based on our experience with the average height of a player the following are sizes that you should be looking at (these are only approximate and come in handy when buying a hurley as a present and are not sure of the players size)

 Hurley Size Average Player Age
18 inch hurley 1-2 Years Old
20 inch hurley 2-3 Years Old
22 inch hurley 3-4 Years Old
24 inch hurley 4-5 Years Old
26 inch hurley 5-8 Years Old
28 inch hurley 8-10 Years Old
30 inch hurley 10-12 Years Old
32 inch hurley 12-16 Years Old


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