Cumas Hurley Correctors

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Cumas Corrector (Hand Guide - Tack on)

A problem often encountered by coaches training young hurlers, is the bad habit of switching the hurley from one hand to the other during play.

The "Corrector" is a simple device designed to discourage such practice. It can be tacked on to the hurley to suit either right-handed or left-handed players (as shown). It has a user-friendly feel that will not resrict the handling of the hurley.

When it is no longer required, it can be easily removed and passed on to another, making it not only attractive but economical.

As part of the Urma Sports range of products available to our customer we are delighted to have the Cumas range of Hurling Skills products. The full Cumas range is available from Urma Sports and these are excellent product to improve players skills of the game.

This is a single Cumas Hurling Corrector