Precision Curved Hit Shield

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Precision Curved Hit Shield

The Precision Curved Hit Shield are an essential piece of rugby training equipment for school teams and club players in tackling technique training. Extremely durable and designed to take the hardest hits from players. 

Curved Hit Shields are used for tackling technique. The shield can be used vertically or horizontally for clearing out and hit & spin techniques. This allows players to safely practice and improve their tackling skills.

The one-piece construction high-density shock resistant foam helps reduce fatigue from repeated impact. With water resistant durable PVC fabric to keep you training in all weather conditions.

The Curved Hit Shields come in 2 different sizes for Junior & Senior levels.


- One piece construction high-density shock resistant foam
- Long lasting foam for repeated and prolonged use
- Water resistant durable out PVC fabric with reinforced seems
- Glossy fabric finish to easy cleaning
- Heavy duty and padded hold and carry straps
- Colour: Black/Red