Precision Rechargeable Electric Ball Pump

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Take the effort out of Inflating your Sports Balls with the portable Precision Rechargeable Electric Ball Pump. With its automatic PSI cut-off once set PSI pressure has been reached, you can make sure all the Balls in the training session or match are perfectly set to the same PSI.


  • Suitable for inflating all Sports Balls and low-pressure Inflatables

  • Fully rechargeable 2000mAh Battery

  • Automatic PSI cut-off once set PSI pressure has been reached

  • Air pressure detection is accurate to 0.1 PSI

  • Single charge will inflate around 30 Balls

  • 12 PSI maximum output

  • Digital screen that shows current pressure, set pressure and battery life

  • Small and compact design, with stylish robust metal shell

  • Low noise output whilst inflating

  • Handy LED light on the top for inflating in low light conditions

  • Includes: Pump, Carry Case, Flexy Hose, 2 x Ball Needles, 1 x Inflatables Needle, 1 x USB charging cable


  • Colour: Black

  • Battery Capacity: 2000mAh, 3.7v, 7.4wh

  • Input: DC 5V/1.0A

  • Max Output pressure: 12 PSI

  • Charge time: 3 Hours

  • Air flow rate: 4.0L/M

  • Working Temperature: -15 - 60 ℃

  • Dimensions: 160 x 40 x 40mm

  • Weight: 255g

  • CE, UKCA & FC certified